Innovative marking and/or welding machine with shape
recognition capability.

Pyxis enables you to mark and/or weld
small parts without positioning them
first. It takes only a few simple actions
to mark and/or weld your parts in the
required position.

The machine is fitted with two lasers, a pulsed laser (YAG) for welding, and a diode-pumped continuous wave laser for marking. It also has a shape recognition system.

A galvanometric head, fitted with cameras with shape recognition software, identifies shapes in real time, thereby enabling the processing of virtually unsorted parts.



Besides limiting the handling of delicate parts,
Pyxis considerably reduces part loading and
unloading times
Furthermore, the user does not have to invest
in a restrictive system for assembling and
positioning parts in the machining field.

Pyxis was designed to simplify your work
and increase your productivity.


The « Excellence in Productivity » trophy
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