MIRA is a complete workstation that can be fitted with
both welding and cutting lasers. It is used exclusively
for transmitting laser beams via optical fibre.

Laser : by RS 232 serial port or USER I interface
Machine : by RS 232 serial port

Axes :
X-axis 390 mm
Y-axis 300 mm
Z-axis 140 mm

Manual rotation of the working head position.
Rotating table with mandrel or clamp pieces.

Work surface:
300 x 230 mm (X,Y)
120 mm (Z)

+/- 0.025 mm sur X,Y,Z
+/- 2.5 minutes on rotary axis

Electric power supply motor:
Open loop, high-torque, two-phase stepper motor.
Optional: Closed loop DC motor.

Power requirement:
50 Hz 32 A (400 VAC)

Approximate weight:
350 Kgs

Structure :
Mechanically welded


Class I security system with manual door for
loading and unloading parts.

Option : Porte automatique

Linear movement system:
Driven by stepper motor.
Optional: DC Servomotor

Control computer with user-friendly software,
interface for LASAG lasers.
Used with optical fibre, camera, monitor and crosshair
generator. Automatic gas supply control.

Dimensions :
Length 1420 mm
Width 1055 mm
Height 1975 mm (2450 mm door open)

"Teach programming"
Axis displacement: relative and/or absolute
Error messages
On-screen help facility
Reading of X,Y,Z axis positions

Class I
Emergency stop
2 travel end detectors on X,Y,Z axes

  Pressure below 8 bar.

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