Our office was set up in 1988, and
now employs 5 people. Since 1990,
we have been marketing and
servicing lasers for Lasag,
a Swiss company that is part of the
Swatch group and produces pulsed
YAG lasers

Renaud Lasers went into the laser marking business using Q-switched continuous
wave laser heads pumped by flash
, then, from 2004, diode-pumped
continuous wave laser heads.

          In 2001, we decided to develop our own
        laser machine
for marking and/or welding,
        and to fit it with a vision system with
        shape recognition software.


« In fact, we had noticed that the laser marking process itself was very short and that machining time was mostly taken up with loading parts», explains Richard Renaud.

« We also realised that small, delicate micromechanical parts, such as those used in clock making and jewellery, were not laser marked or machined, for technical and economic reasons. Now, we could make sure that they were. Our aim was to place the parts in bulk beneath the marking machine, and hence reduce machining time significantly, by a factor of 10 ».

Laser welding equipment to meanders and collectors for thermal solar panels.


RENAUD LASERS - 7 Rue de la forêt - 77140 Saint-Pierre-Lès-Nemours - Tél. : +33 (0)1 64 45 53 10